Reunion Venues

The following is a list of venues that may be available for class reunions in (and around) Newton. Please note your class rep and planning team are responsible for making reservations.  We are only providing a list of places that might be able to accommodate your event.

Alta House
1600 E. 36th St. S.
Contact Info: 641-792-2582 - Up to 200 

American Legion 
1101 W. 4th St. S.
Contact Info: 641-792-3353  

DMACC/Legacy Plaza
403 W. 4th St. N.    
Contact Info: Kim Didier

Elks Lodge (2 places for reunions - Upstairs and (Ladies Lounge) Downstairs 
111 E. 2nd St. S.
Contact Info: Susie Cobbs | 641-792-4118 |

Fore Seasons Golf  
6232 Hwy S 74 S    
Contact Info: Dawn Peters | 515-205-3662 |

Hy-Vee Club Room (cap. 35)
1501 1st Ave E
Contact Info: Operator | 641-792-7030

Izaak Walton League (2 places for reunions ~  Upstairs and Downstairs)
889 Hwy F 36 W
Contact Info: Donny Engle | 641-792-1373

Jasper County Senior Citizens Center (cap 100)
702 E. 3rd St. S.
641-792-6354 OR 641-792-4854

JC Community Center
2401 1st Ave. E.
Contact Info: Auditor's Office | 641-792-7106 |

Kellogg City Park Shelter House
Holmdahl Park
Contact Info: City Clerk - 641-526-3403

Legends (fka Okoboji Grill)
1407 W 19th St S.
Contact Info: 641-792-1023

Maytag Park Shelter Houses
301 S. 11th Ave. W.
Contact Community Services Office 641-792-6622 Ext. 2304

Maytag Pool Pavilion
301 S. 11th Ave. W.
Contact Info: Community Services Office 641-792-6622 Ext. 2304

Moose Lodge
2233 S. 24th Ave. W.
Contact Info: 641-791-2584

Murph & Mary's Irish Pub
403 W. 4th St. N.

Newton Arboretum 
3000 N. 4th Ave. E
Contact info: 641-791-3021

PB - Poor Bastard's (fka The Manhatten)
113 1st Ave. E.
Contact Info:  641-792-4254 

Sugar Grove Vineyard & Gathering Place
6602 Ginger Ave
Contact Info: Colette Hill | 641-831-3843 

Thunderdome (fka Highview Roller Rink) 
1611 1st Ave. W.
Contact Info:  515) 689-6056

VFW 315
1st Ave. W.
Contact Info: 641-792-6562 


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