Newton High Fight Song

We’re loyal to you Newton High
We’re loyal and true Newton High
We’ll back you to stand, against the best in the land,
For we know you have sand, Newton High, Rah! Rah!

So, smash that blockade Newton High
Go crashing ahead Newton High
Our team is our fame protector
On boys, for we expect a victory from you, Newton High

Che-cha cha-rah-rah-rah
Che-cha cha-rah-rah-rah
Newton High, Newton High, Newton High

Fling out that dear old flag of scarlet and black
Lead on your sons and daughters fighting for you
Like men of old on giants, placing reliance, shouting defiance
Osky, wow, wow.

Across those broad green plains that nourish our land
For honest labor and for learning we stand
And unto thee we pledge our heart and hand
Our Alma Mater, Newton High

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